Do you have a hole that needs filling? We can help!

Here at Coomera Smiles we use white fillings to repair and replace any old metal restorations you may previously have had and to ensure new fillings are naturally blended into your teeth.

The process involves shaping the tooth with a dental drill, so the filling has a firm base to sit on. The tooth is then cleaned to allow a strong bond between the tooth and filling. The filling is then built up in increments to its desired shape. Finally, the filling undergoes a thorough polishing, leaving you with the most natural appearance.

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At Coomera Smiles, we use white fillings. White fillings can be used to repair cavities, and can also be used to repair and replace any old metal restorations that you may have previously had placed. White fillings are a better-looking option than silver amalgam restorations as they blend in naturally with your teeth. In fact, you won’t even be able to see that you have had a filling placed, because they have such a natural appearance.

If you need to have a filling placed, we will begin by shaping the affected tooth with the use of a dental drill. This will ensure that the filling has a firm base on which it can be positioned. We will then carefully clean out the affected tooth to allow a strong bond between the tooth and the filling. Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, we will build up the filling in increments until it reaches the correct size and shape. Finally, we will polish the filling so that it looks and feels natural in your mouth.

In some cases, it is possible to save a decayed or damaged tooth by undergoing root canal treatment. However, this is not always possible. It is sometimes necessary to extract a tooth when it has become severely infected and there is the risk of the affected tooth infecting surrounding teeth. In other cases, extractions are necessary to make space for permanent teeth to come through, or to optimise an orthodontic treatment. When wisdom teeth become impacted, it is often necessary to have them removed in order to relieve painful symptoms and prevent a range of issues from occurring.